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At Westgate Community Farm we use regenerative and organic farming practices. We believe that healthy farms lead to healthier communities and a healthier planet.


Soil is the most important aspect of any farm. Without healthy soil it would be impossible to grow healthy crops. We replenish our soil every year by adding organic matter in the form of wood chips and cover crop. We use soil tests to determine what ammendments are needed to create a perfectly balanced soil. We use a walk behind tractor for primary cultivation and only cultivate the soil at ideal moisture levels.


We use a variety of pest management techniques including polyculture, crop rotation, pest resistant cover crops, Integrated Pest Management, handpicking insects, and spraying organically certified narrow spectrum pesticides. We strive to make our farm mimic nature by encouraging beneficial insects and animals through crop selection and perrenial habitat.


In Florida we have extremely sandy soils. Sandy soil is fantastic at letting go of excess moisture which can lead to plant diseases, but it has difficulty retaining the water that plants need without constant irrigation. We add organic matter to our soil to help retain moisture and nutrients that have a tendancy to run off into the surrounding environment and cause problems. We also mulch longer lived crops to keep the moisture from evaporating.